Regulatory Compliance

The mortgage industry is heavily regulated and compliance demands profoundly affect companies’ business operations. MBA offers extensive resources to keep you and your staff up to date on significant regulatory and compliance issues affecting the mortgage banking industry at the federal and state levels.

CampusMBA Education

Certificates and Designations
Mortgage Compliance Achievement Certificate
Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) Specialist Designation
Residential Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) Designation
Executive Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) Designation
Master Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) Designation

Instructor-led Programs
Classroom Based
8 Hour SAFE Core: Fundamentals of Mortgage Lending (Course ID: 1434)
12 Hour SAFE Core: Assessing Risk in Loan Production (Course ID: 1468)
20 Hour SAFE Comprehensive: Essentials of Mortgage Origination (Course ID: 1190)
Regulatory Compliance Institute
33 Hour SAFE Comprehensive: School of Mortgage Banking, Course I (Course ID: 1195)
School of Mortgage Banking, Course II
School of Mortgage Banking, Course III .

LIVE Online Workshops
FHA Bimonthly LIVE Online Workshop
Financial Services Regulatory Reform LIVE Online Workshop Series
- Part 1: Overview of Bill
- Part 2: Title XIV
- Part 3: Secondary and Servicing Market Issues
- Part 4: Powers of the New Bureau
- Part 5: New Legal Liabilities
RESPA Review Bimonthly LIVE Online Workshop

Guided Web-based
Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) Prep Course
Closing, Post Closing & Insuring FHA Loans Guided Web-based Course
VA Fundamentals Guided Web-based Course
FHA Fundamentals Guided Web-based Course
FHA Underwriting Basic and Advanced Case Study Guided Web-based Course

Basic Books — 3 Volume Set
Basic Books — 4 Volume Set
Mortgage Banking Terms: A Working Glossary
Uniform Single Attestation Program (Free Download)

Web-based Courses
Community Reinvestment Act
Equal Credit Opportunity Act
Ethical Decision Making for Mortgage Bankers
Ethics in Mortgage Lending
Fair Lending Essentials
FCRA and FACTA: Changing the Way You Look at Credit
HMDA: What Is It?
Keeping Up With RESPA
Mortgage Banking Primer
Protecting Customer Privacy
Stopping Sexual Harassment
Understanding the USA PATRIOT Act
Understanding Truth in Lending
Various State-Approved Courses

Conventions and Conferences
98th Annual Convention & Expo
Accounting, Tax and Financial Management Conference
Legal Issues and Regulatory Compliance Conference
Loan Production Conference
National Fraud Issues Conference
National Policy Conference
Quality Assurance and Residential Underwriting Conference
Regulatory Compliance Conference

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Mortgage Banking Magazine
MBA NewsLink

Research and Economics
Forecasts and Commentaries
Monthly Economic and Finance Forecasts and Commentaries

Products and Surveys

HMDA Data Customized Reports (Data On Demand Service)
National Delinquency Survey
- One-year subscription
- Single copy
- Historical data
Weekly Applications Survey
- One-year subscription
- Historical data

Company Performance Data
Mortgage Bankers Performance Report: Revenue, Cost and Volume Statistics for Non-depository Institutions
One-year subscription to quarterly reports
Single copy of annual report
MBA / STRATMOR Peer Group Survey Program — For information visit

MORPAC — For information visit
Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA) — For information visit
MBA’s State Advocacy Program — For information visit
MBA Committees — For information visit